A design inspired by nature

The Sakura collection bin is inspired by the Japanese tradition in which the annual cherry blossoms celebrate the importance of life and reminds us of the beautiful fragility of nature. These bins associate a delicate natural design with the power of the selective recycling initiative that became essential in our workplace.



Select the desired size
EasyCollect exclusive dumping system

EasyCollect is an innovative dumping system that facilitates the collection of waste from the front: emptying the bin is now made quick and effortless to avoid back injuries.
Note: all bins are mobile and have a convenient hook system to keep the unsightly trash bag invisible to users.

Technical informations
Dimensions Weight Material
L 400 x P 380 x H 840 mm 6,5 kg HD Polyethylene, Plexiglass top, 4 ABS casters
Available opening
Opening green-office-14x14-rond-ouvertures-bornes green-office-5x26-ouvertures-bornes green-office-12x12-ouvertures-bornes green-office-12x12-ouvertures-bornes green-office-19x27-ouvertures-bornes-de-tri
Waste type Cartons, DIB, Emballages, Toner, Tous Déchets Gobelets Cartons, DIB, Emballages, Toner, Tous Déchets
Code SK1 SK2 SK3 SK4 SK5

Infinite possibilities

Bins are custom-made to match and beautify your workspace, to make this a true societal and collaborative experience for your staff while promoting your recycling initiative.





Eliminate unnecessary tasks and free your resources to boost efficiency, save time and provide a better service quality.



 By adapting your teams to your actual needs and measuring the efficiency of your decisions, you can save up to 30% on your operational costs.



 Optimize the user experience and help your staff work more easily and faster.



Digitalize your job processes to reinforce your CSR (corporate social responsibility) efforts and reduce your impact on the environment.


Welcome to the future of waste management

Imagine a smart bin which gives you its filling rate in real time and automatically informs you when you have to empty it.
Manage your waste collection more efficiently with Green Office smart bins for a better organization and immediate operational savings.
Optimize your collect
Use a complete software allowing you to know at any time the location and condition of your bins in order to anticipate the actions you have to implement and to measure the effectiveness of your decisions.

Discover our smart and connected bins Couleur fleche
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