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What we do

We offer modern solutions for sustainable transformation and performance. Innovative collectors and software to help businesses better optimize and reduce their waste. Fun tools to support and train employees, aiming to change mindsets and establish businesses in a progressive dynamic.

We help businesses reduce their environmental impact with positive effects on the environment, society, and finance.

Advice and Support

We advise on the selection and implementation of solutions. This comprehensive approach guarantees optimized and quality sorting with the highest waste valorization, while providing significant operational savings.

Attractive Sorting Solutions

We have developed a unique offering of solutions that optimize sorting quality, ensure the highest waste valorization, and bring significant operational savings.

Digital Optimization Solutions

Our digital solutions help businesses engage their employees to become more efficient in waste management while saving on operational costs.

The digital application for sorting and recycling assistance for fun and collaborative waste management in the workplace.

Make the work experience easier by gaining speed and flexibility in managing internal services. Transform your business into a participative and sustainable company. Our applications promote the adoption of the Agile method, positively impacting response times and the quality of internal services.
You enhance the well-being of your employees and become a fully adaptive company.

We offer innovative solutions for a stronger and smarter environmental performance

We offer sorting solutions and innovative software that will help you better sort, optimize and reduce your waste.
Whatever the size of your business, Greenoffice has the most efficient and effective solutions to improve your current processes and help you achieve your sustainability goals of cost reductions.

We want to fight effectively against food waste and make sorting easy for everyone.

We help our customers find more qualitative and more economical value in the management of their waste in order to achieve their sustainability objectives.

Bio Waste
We make processes easier and faster through innovation

In view of the obligation to sort bio-waste at source for all professionals in 2024, discover the new range “BIOWASTE” by Greenoffice.

Greenoffice incorporates specific interior bins for bio-waste with bio-buckets that meet hygiene and safety standards, facilitate emptying and can be adapted to our WIEW weighing system.

«It is essential to change mentalities»

Malik Sersar – Président Greenoffice

Greenoffice is recruiting

You have a real talent, as we think it is essential to change mentalities, you want to join an exciting adventure, then the Greenoffice team is waiting for your application!

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Our values

Greenoffice has chosen for many years to offer its customers eco-friendly products designed to limit its carbon footprint as much as possible. this environmental and societal commitment.

Greenoffice is taking an ECO-RESPONSIBLE approach regarding the life cycle of its 100% recyclable products, by launching a new range 100% recycled.Our products being 100% made in PE, without association of other material, its processing for recycling is facilitated.

Greenoffice is committed by offering its customers to take back their terminals at the end of their life in order to treat them and reintegrate them into its production cycle to give them a second life.


Recycled plastics and a unibody structure for a reduced environmental impact.

Made in France

Quality guaranteed thanks to know-how and a spirit of excellence.


Made with common sense, preserving natural resources and the climate.


Terminals designed for health, well-being at work and productivity

Our Approach


We help you integrate sustainability into the core of your business strategy and fully leverage the positive impacts that result from it.


Improve the environmental, social, and societal impact of your activities by enhancing your efficiency and addressing key CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) issues.

Customer Value

Implementing a sustainable development policy and using tools that involve your employees in a progress approach offer numerous positive impacts for your business and promote the creation of a better world.


We support you in achieving your goals. We have the experience and tools to help you overcome challenges and organize for your success

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