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Succeed at selective sorting and much more…

Green Office revolutionizes the world of selective sorting with attractive and efficient innovative solutions that make waste sorting appealing. Everywhere in Europe, client experiences have demonstrated that the Green Office solutions bring benefits that outweigh the simple desire to triage in the workplace for both your staff and your company at large.

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Our mission

We want to promote the environmental protection initiative of organizations of all sizes by increasing selective sorting in the workplace thanks to sorting products that are both customizable and inspiring. Our vision is to participate in building a sounder and cleaner world, and ultimately to secure a better future for generations to come.

500 clients 60 000 users 10 countries 100 tons of collected waste
500 clients 60 000 users 10 countries 100 tons of collected waste

Our beliefs


Revolutionizes sorting in the workplace

Revolutionizes sorting in the workplace

The power of our concept: make selective sorting an evidence for all thanks to new generation bins that are functional and attractive, and perfectly suited for workplaces.


Health and productivity

Health and productivity

Because well-being in the workplace is such a big employee productivity and fidelity factor, we keep manufacturing simple and efficient tools to re-center workplace performance around the human factor. After improving recycling habits with its new generation selective sorting solutions, Green Office is now again revolutionizing the field with smart and connected bins. Welcome to the future of waste management

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