Our waste sorting stations

Greenoffice supports companies in their efforts to protect the environment and cut costs by offering innovative, sustainable and ergonomic waste collection systems. Discover our range of waste sorting bins and commit to an ecological approach as an organisation!

What is a waste sorting station?

A waste sorting station is an essential piece of equipment to implement responsible waste management. It enables users to sort their waste according to its type (plastic, glass, paper, etc.), thus streamlining recycling down the line. Waste sorting stations actively contribute to environment protection by reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill and promoting recycling.

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Differences between waste sorting stations, bins and other types of collectors

For effective sorting, it’s important to distinguish between the various types of containers used to separate waste. Waste sorting stations are specially designed for this purpose, with separate compartments for each material. On the other hand, traditional waste sorting bins are used for conventional waste such as household refuse, which cannot be sorted and is therefore mixed together in the same container. Waste sorting stations promote waste separation at source, which greatly streamlines the recycling process.

The benefits of a
waste sorting station

On top of being extremely practical, allowing all types of waste to be sorted in a single place, and promoting recycling, waste sorting bins have many benefits:

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Positive impact on the environment

By sorting waste at source, you help reduce the amount of waste destined for incineration or landfill. This helps to preserve natural resources, reduce pollution and limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Improving waste management

Waste sorting stations streamline waste management in your company or public space. They help to keep any area clean and tidy by preventing the mixing of recyclable and non-recyclable waste. Efficient waste management also helps cut down disposal costs.

Raising awareness and educating the public

Implementing waste sorting stations helps raise public awareness of environmental issues. Indeed, it encourages people to adopt responsible waste management practices. By showing your organisation’s commitment to selective sorting, you are promoting collective awareness around ecological challenges!

Our waste sorting stations

Our types of waste sorting stations available

Greenoffice offers a wide range of waste sorting bins stations to meet different needs. Let’s browse through our models:

Thanks to its modern, elegant design, the Agora waste sorting station will fit perfectly into any office space. Available in several sizes, it will meet the needs of all types of businesses.

Mni Agora

The Mini Agora is ideal for smaller spaces while offering versatile sorting capacity. Its compact size makes it a wise choice for high-traffic areas, while providing efficient waste sorting thanks to its four openings.


Bring nature into your business with this stylish waste sorting station reminiscent of a blossoming Japanese cherry tree. It’s a great reminder that nature deserves to be protected! Sort your paper, cardboard, cans and packaging with ease thanks to our design wastepaper bins.


The Facet waste sorting station stands out for its unique and innovative design. It offers excellent visibility thanks to its gemmology-inspired structure, while making waste collection easier with its front facing emptying system.

Bio bucket

The Bio bucket is the ideal solution for collecting organic waste. It keeps thing hygienic while streamlining the collection process thanks to its exclusive “easy-access” 4-wheel design. A great introduction to composting!

How to choose a waste sorting station that best suit your needs?

Consider these key factors to select the right waste sorting station for your business or public space:


Materials and design

Opt for a waste sorting station that is made from sustainable materials, is environmentally-friendly and will look great in your workspace. A good aesthetic fit and clear sorting instructions will encourage users to use these stations even more!

Location and easy access

Assess the amount of waste you plan to collect for a set period of time. Choose a waste sorting station with sufficient capacity to meet your needs, also taking into account the space available.

Capacity and size

Assess the amount of waste you plan to collect for a set period of time. Choose a waste sorting station with sufficient capacity to meet your needs, also taking into account the space available.